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h y a s c i n t h e: Writing References



I decided to make a reference post on most of the writing topics I’ve covered so far. If you’re looking for something specific, this might make it easier. Hope this helps!

General writing posts—


so earlier today i was flitting over roofs in Dishonored and my dad comes in to watch me try to make this epic leap without the use of blink and I fall and land right on a guard who was taking a leak and my dad’s FACE

(Source: whimcreep)

Elven armor

I was rewatching LOTR earlier this morning and happened to pause it during the first few minutes, only to notice the strong resemblance between LOTR’s elven armor and.. Oblivion’s elven armor. (The elder scrolls)
Another reference

Oblivion's elven armor

LOTR Elven armor